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What Is DevOps?

It seems that everyone in IT these days is talking about DevOps. From conferences to articles and books, the term DevOps has taken the IT world by storm.

Banking on DevOps to Speed Market Innovation

Software in the Banking Sector – Big Challenges, Big Opportunities.

Continuous Everything: Why Software Delivery Management Matters?

The widespread move towards an integrated DevOps approach to software engineering is still fraught with bottlenecks and inefficiencies.

DevSecOps: Speed and Security Together at Last

DevSecOps represents a new perspective on how to best approach security. What drove this change?

Assessing DevOps Maturity Using a Quadrant Model

IT leaders can use the model to assess their current DevOps maturity and create strategies to address the obstacles of embracing a DevOps initiative.

Digital Darwinism

Driving Digital Transformation with DevOps and Continuous Delivery

The Federal Government: Speeding Service Delivery with DevOps

Federal Government IT Leaders – Big Expectations, Big Hurdles

Internally Managed CD as a Service

Enabling Fast IT in the Continuous Economy

Using Jenkins Pipeline to Accelerate Continuous Delivery

Jenkins is a powerful, open source automation tool with an impressive plugin architecture that helps development teams automate their software lifecycle.